WEIGHTY WARNING: Allan Pease says Clive Palmer should show his self-control.
WEIGHTY WARNING: Allan Pease says Clive Palmer should show his self-control. Darryn Smith

Clive must start chipping away at his weight

SUNSHINE Coast's "Mr Body Language" says voters could be turned off electing Clive Palmer as prime minister because he is overweight.

Allan Pease, a body language expert for 40 years, believes Mr Palmer should consider losing weight to prove to voters that he could complete what he set out to achieve.

"Most politicians know that getting voters is about being popular as much as it is about policies," Mr Pease said.

"If people feel good about politicians, like the way they move or speak, the swing voters or average punter will vote for them.

"Clive Palmer has a big presence and is certainly confident, but people tend to not trust big people and they don't trust skinny people either.

"Skinny people are seen to be suspicious and big guys are seen as suspicious and are looked at with contempt.

"Clive can't do negative gestures either, he can't cross his arms across his chest.

"By not paying attention to his weight, he is putting in people's minds that he cannot control his own environment."

Mr Pease believes if Mr Palmer went on a weight-loss mission, he would win the respect of voters in their subconscious.

Mr Pease said head-nodding and upwards facing palms were a sign of honesty, so it was important to look at any contradictions between what a person was saying and what their body was saying to spot a lying politician.

He will host his first Sunshine Coast presentation in a decade on Wednesday at Matthew Flingers Anglican College.

His fast-moving, highly entertaining presentation on Body Language - It's Not What You Say is based on his book which sold more than six million copies in 46 languages.

Audiences will learn how to spot if someone is lying, sales and negotiation tactics, how to develop an instant rapport, how to read between the lines and why men should never lie to women.

The presentation will be on Wednesday from 6pm. The cost is $25 for adults. For tickets phone 5477 3200 or email shift@mfac.edu.au.

Does Clive Palmer's weight influence your thoughts on voting for him?

This poll ended on 03 August 2014.

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Yes, if he can't run his body, how can he run a country?


Yes, but it probably shouldn't


No, I already have strong reasons for voting for/against him


No, his weight is nobody's business but his and everyone should butt-out


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