Lindy Yvonne Williams pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Gerbic, a Sunshine Coast businessman.
Lindy Yvonne Williams pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Gerbic, a Sunshine Coast businessman. Contributed

Christmas message sent to son from dead father's email

A SON got a "Merry Christmas” message from somebody using his dad's email account months after his father's death.

Simon Gerbic's father George was last seen alive in September 2013.

The Tanawha man's torso was found in a grass fire near Gympie later that month, his remains identified 10 months later.

His partner Lindy Yvonne Wiliams has pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to interfering with a corpse.

On Wednesday, the son told Brisbane Supreme Court he and his father had a good relationship.

Both were involved with Coolum Football Club, where George was president.

The court heard that after Mr Gerbic was last seen alive, emails were sent from his account.

On September 6, an email from the Coolum FC president's account to brothers Simon and Justin Gerbic stated: "I am in bed today”.

One email ostensibly from the father described him feeling "stress” about Coolum FC, and needing a break.

An email referred to a holiday George Gerbic and Ms Williams were supposedly having.

"We're having a great trip.”

Months after Ms Williams disposed of her partner's remains, the emails continued.

"Merry Christmas...we're all having a great time...thinking of you” said one sent to Simon at Christmas.

And in January, the son got an email wishing him happy birthday.

The son told jurors some emails had poor punctuation, unlike his father's style.

Earlier, jurors heard police claimed texts were sent from Mr Gerbic's phone after he was dead.

Ms Williams initially denied knowledge of that, but then told police "it sounds like” she might've sent the texts.

Mr Gerbic's ex-wife Cheryl Aiken also gave evidence on Wednesday.

She downplayed her past allegations of him being violent during their relationship.

The court heard Ms Aiken once told an acquaintance: "If people knew the hell I went through, he would be in prison”.

But on Wednesday Ms Aiken told the court: "I tend to exaggerate. That's the sort of person I am.”

She said he had affairs during their marriage.

"At the time I was breastfeeding, George was in bed with a Swedish model.”

The trial continues. -NewsRegional with additional reporting from AAP