Coldest day this year as felt temperature drops below zero

IPSWICH was particularly fresh this morning.

South-westerly breezes late yesterday brought cool air over the city and meant this morning's low of 1.1 degrees, or -0.8 felt temperature, was the coldest for the year so far.

It was also six degrees below average.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Bernard said minimum temperatures would increase steadily over the coming days and into the weekend.

"At Amberley RAAF Base it gone down to 1.1 this morning so a pretty cold start to the day. That's about six below the June average - quite cold," Mr Bernard said.

"For this month that would be about the lowest, we had 1.4 on June 1 and back in May we had 3.2 so that was about the coldest one this year."


Day time temperatures tomorrow are forecast at between four and 20 degrees with maximums of between 22 and 23 degrees later in the week.

"Looking at low temperatures, (the coming days) maybe won't be quite as cold as it was this morning, we're looking at four degrees tomorrow morning and moving back up towards seven or eight in the next couple of days so it's the coldest for the next few mornings will be just tomorrow," Mr Bernard said.

"We had a bit of a south-westerly change yesterday which brought slightly cooler air over us hence the cool forecast max of 20 degrees and that air was also particularly dry so as the wind dropped down overnight, it allows the temperatures to fall quite dramatically."