Olivia and Tim-Tim meet Albert G Dragon.
Olivia and Tim-Tim meet Albert G Dragon. CONTRIBUTED

Children show no reluctance to take on new roles

I TEND to dread speech nights because I find it so hard to understand the more mangled deliveries - those where the after-dinner spruikers ambitiously attempt words with two or more syllables.

I know that mangled is "now-speak”. Trouble is, I've got "then” ears.

However, offering high hopes for the future of verbal communication, there were some beaut, clear-as-a-bell, concise. funny, entertaining young speakers at last week's Noosa State High graduation night.

I was told some had been involved with the school's drama division and, may I say, with good effect.

Still on speech: after a lot of try-outs, to finally arrive at the two talented youngsters chosen to play Tim-Tim and Olivia in The Reluctant Dragon was this week's welcome achievement.

The deciders that got them the gig were good, clear delivery, plus that wonderful enthusiasm that many children display as they prepare to enter their teens.

Congratulations to Emily Broadbent (Tim-Tim) and Jaide Knight (Olivia).

The thing with any show that includes children is that you have to have two sets of commitments for each role: the children and the children's parents, with the parents being the ones who have to deliver and pick up the budding thespians for each rehearsal and performance.

An invite to the tech-dress rehearsal for Motherhood the Musical was The Indee's big-ticket item for the week.

A bubbling cabaret-style show, it opens tonight and winds up a very successful year for Coolum Theatre Players.

With Lindley Moon back from Iceland and Rita Walker back from Canberra (and Carol Burls not having gone anywhere), refresher rehearsals will take place this week for next weekend's one-off of The Herb Garden.

The comedy will be part of the Hello Yandina weekend: a small knees-up to cement relationships with folk involved in The Indee's new venue - The Yandina School of Arts Hall Theatre.