Ruth Montgomery will play Albert, the reluctant dragon, at The Indee.
Ruth Montgomery will play Albert, the reluctant dragon, at The Indee. CONTRIBUTED

Characters sought for November production

I'VE always felt that it's extremely safe to be a vice-president of anything, especially a theatre group.

You're rarely, if ever, called on to do anything.

So you can take holidays whenever you like without telling anyone, or even move permanently interstate.

Being vice-president is rather like being the second-most famous person from somewhere: for example, no one cares about Harry, of Nazareth.

Understudy to the lead in a show is another example of how to be a decided nonentity, especially if you're any good at it.

Most leads would rather go on with their spleen hanging out than let the understudy get a look in.

Nonetheless, these non-roles serve a definite purpose by ensuring that shy people can participate without getting noticed.

Introverted actors who can't face up to auditions can find solace in being regularly hired to stand just out of shot, behind politicians, during TV interviews.

Shy Arnold Switzzler - a character in the Independent Theatre's November production, The Pom-Pom Ladies - has been safe being a vice-president, but suffers a severe jolt when the president has a heart attack and he has to take over.

Mature-aged Arnold is one of the characters, along with three mature-aged ladies, being sought in auditions to be held next Friday between 6 and 7pm at the Yandina School of Arts.

Phone 5472 8200 for further information or just turn up.

Auditions will also be held on Saturday, September 10, at 11am at the Yandina School of Arts, seeking eight bright, chirpy children, aged between nine and 12, who'd like to appear in the Indee's January pantomime - The Reluctant Dragon.

It's a great holiday show and children in the cast will have a wonderful experience.

For further information, call director Carol Burls on 5472 8200 or just turn up.