CHAMPION EFFORT: St Andrew's are able to conquer all over the 48lm distance.
CHAMPION EFFORT: St Andrew's are able to conquer all over the 48lm distance. Contributed

Channelling courage for Kokoda Challenge edge

COURAGE and commitment has seen 174 St Andrew's Anglican College runners put in an awesome effort to tackle the Kokoda Challenge on Saturday, with one the college teams winning the 48km event.

This is the second year in a row St Andrew's has won the challenge, which was held on Saturday after conquering the tough Gold Coast hinterland course in a little more than seven hours.

College director of sport Steve Robson said it was an incredible day and gave special mention to "Mr Austin, Will, Max, Harry and Luca of Year 8 who won the 48km event ahead of 98 teams”.

School teams took on the challenges over 15km, 30km and 48km for what was the ninth year the Peregian Springs college has been involved in such a character shaping event.

Mr Robson said this test of will and stamina "never fails to disappoint”.

"It is tough, it is a challenge, it tests you mentally and physically - but it gives you so much,” he said.

"I hope that everyone reflects on how well they dealt with the challenge; reflect on those hills and how you conquered them.

"Hundreds of St Andrew's students have now done the challenge over the years and many more will take it on. Some did it for the first time on Saturday, some have done five, six, even seven Kokodas.”

Mr Robson said thousands of dollars are raised for charity to support young people.

"Congratulations students who rise to the challenge so brilliantly. Thank you to the support crews and the many families who cheered at the finish,” he said.

"Plenty of teams set goals and smashed them. The brilliant Kokoda Challenge is full of the unexpected, unplanned and unprepared for.”

He said one of the key lessons was "you can't control some things, but you can control your responses to these”.

"When you look back on a race, even with its curve balls and spanners thrown, the demanding decisions made and the tricky choices you faced - you will remember how you dealt with those situations.”