INSPIRED: Surf artist Owen Cavanagh at work.
INSPIRED: Surf artist Owen Cavanagh at work. Contributed

Catching creative wave with Owen for Noosa Surf Fest

HIS wave art peels off public spaces across the Sunshine Coast and now Noosa is being treated to surf artist Owen Cavanagh's special pulse of talent.

Owen is well known and much loved around by almost all who journey up the Sunshine Coast Highway as his magnificent wave painting adorns the corrugated wall of a tumble-down barn in the middle of a field alongside the motorway.

"That mural was done for a carton of beer back in the day,” Owen said.

Entrenched in the Noosa surf community, both as talented artist and sculptor and passionate surfer, Owen was the obvious choice when festival organisers were searching for a creator for the Vonu Noosa Festival of Surf trophies.

He was quick to take on the project.

"With 60-odd trophies, I didn't want to do all the same thing. It's evolved since I began and every one is uniquely different,” he said.

With sculptures for each event, from dog surfing participation to placegetters across the festival's 16 divisions, including the finalists for the World Surf League's Noosa Longboard Open, Cavanagh has been hard at work, utilising almost 90 per cent recycled materials.

Owen is also collaborating on a driftwood sculpture to be displayed, and for sale, in the Vonu Beach Bar, as well as producing a 6m x 2m mural representing the globally-renowned view over which it will look.

"It's going to be a fish-eye view of First Point and Laguna Bay,” he said.

"Every day we see that and get inspired. Whether you're out surfing or whatever, you get so many moments when you think to yourself 'this is perfect'.

"We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep, so the inspiration is right outside our door every day.”

Concluding the swathe of contributions to this year's Vonu Noosa Festival of Surfing, Cavanagh is to be hosting a Surf Art Expo.

Joined by regional, national and international artists, all similarly inspired by the ocean's undulations and personalities, this is his sixth such event since 2001.

Incorporating stalls, demos, food, and of course many works of art all for sale, the expo at Heads of Noosa Brewery will offer a little respite from the beach.

The festival runs from March 2-10.