Campbell Newman... setting the record straight on asset sales.
Campbell Newman... setting the record straight on asset sales. Chris Ison

Campbell Newman hits out at Tim Nicholls on asset sales

CAMPBELL Newman has taken to Twitter to blast LNP leader Tim Nicholls after the former Treasurer tried to distance himself from Queensland's controversial asset sales.

Mr Nicholls claimed he was a changed man as he presented his case to lead Queensland after the next election.

"I wasn't in charge last time but this time I will be,'' Mr Nicholls said.

He acknowledged the impact of sacking of thousands of public servants and promised there would be 'no forced redundancies under an LNP government'.

He also promised to 'take off the table' a mass leasing or privatisation campaign for assets in Queensland.

The former Treasurer spoke at the Queensland Media Club, outlining his plan for the sunshine state, promising hope, and claiming he could form a government without the help of One Nation.

He said he had 'learnt his lesson' on asset sales and admitted the previous Newman government failed to take Queenslanders with them on major changes.

Mr Newman responded on Twitter, saying true leaders take responsibility for their actions.

"Leaders take responsibility for hard decisions that have to be made - I did," Mr Newman said.

"Time for Tim Nicholls who drove asset sales & cuts."

"If Tim Nicholls had no role in the policies of my govt (yeh right !) what are his policies now and how do they differ?" Mr Newman said.

Mr Nicholls outlined five priorities, six key drivers of the economy and a four point plan.