IDEA: There have been calls for fenced off-leash areas with sections for small and big dogs.
IDEA: There have been calls for fenced off-leash areas with sections for small and big dogs.

Calls for fenced parks to curb dog attacks

REPORTS of dog attacks among the community have sparked calls for fenced off-leash areas with divided sections for smaller and larger dogs.

Off-leash areas in Noosa Council jurisdiction are parks or beaches and are not fenced, however, the public has reported successful examples of divided parks in Buderim and Brisbane.

A dog owner has come forward and identified himself since the Noosa News published an article about an incident between a large bulldog and a small spaniel at an off-leash dog beach on Australia Day.

Carolyn Patiniott was walking her six-month-old spaniel, Reggie, off its lead at Sunshine Beach when an unregistered bulldog latched on to its neck.

The bulldog's owner, Ondrej Bartusek, contacted the Noosa News to offer his explanation of the incident, stating his dog, Meddy, is not aggressive and it was her first time at a dog beach.

"As I was walking my super playful and excited eight-month-old puppy on the dog beach, she would try to play with everyone around her," Mr Bartusek said.

"Reggie was engaging Meddy in a chase-me game. Based on the dogs' playful body language, I decided to let the leash go.

"Meddy started (to) chase Reggie, and when Reggie stopped, Meddy kind of ran her over, which probably caused Reggie shock, and she lashed (sic) on Meddy."

A number of people attempted to separate the dogs, with Ms Pationiott eventually poking Meddy in the eye before Reggie was released.

Mr Bartusek said he was very apologetic and had misjudged the situation.

"I am really sorry about what happened on that day. It was definitely my fault and wrong judgment.

"(I) didn't think about the size of Meddy and her play partner Reggie.

"Plus (I) didn't think about level of her excitement, as this was her first time at the beach."

Mr Bartusek said he acquired Meddy on Thursday evening and was unable to register her until the next business day.

He said he was visited by council officers on Monday who said Meddy had a good nature.