Coles milk shelves may stay well stocked if a boycott call is heeded.
Coles milk shelves may stay well stocked if a boycott call is heeded.

Call to stop supporting Coles milk

SO is Noosa about to give one of the two big supermarket juggernauts the Coles shoulder?

Certainly the Minister for Drought, a highly indignant David Littleproud, hopes so. The minister has “slammed” Coles for “skimming millions off the top of its 10 cent milk levy”.

The ACCC has ordered Coles pay farmers and processor Norco $5.25 million it failed to pass on from its ‘drought levy’.

“Coles promised me when I negotiated the deal that all the money would go to farmers,” Minister Littleproud said.

“They told their customers they were helping farmers, then tried keeping the money.

“Coles has shown its true colours and needs to put things right.

“Coles should now lead the way and put at least 20 cents a litre right across its dairy range, not just on milk to show they really do care about dairy farmers.

Mr Littleproud said Coles owes it to dairy farmers and the public “for failing to live up to their promises” as such a gesture would buy time for government reforms such as the Dairy Code of Conduct to come into effect.

“Australians should show their support for dairy farmers by boycotting Coles until it comes good with this,” he said.

Coles in a statement said it “respects the regulatory process but disagreed with the ACCC’s interpretation of these issues”.

Coles reportedly will pay Norco a $2.8 million lump sum to be distributed to farmers as well as a further seven cents per litre for two and three litre Coles brand milk produced by Norco until at least the end of the financial year.