Cabinet defends PM after Bolt calls knighting 'stupid'

CABINET colleagues have begun rallying back around the Prime Minister, after Andrew Bolt described the knighting of Prince Philip as "stupid".

Mr Bolt, a News Ltd commentator and long-time supporter, made the comment on Fairfax Radio on Thursday.

He said the decision to give Prince Philip the title was "so damaging that it could be fatal", after backbenchers this week hit out at the decision, feeding media speculation about the Liberal leadership.

Mr Bolt's comments also followed News Ltd owner Rupert Murdoch calling on Mr Abbott to dump his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, despite Mr Abbott refusing to say whether she supported the appointment or not.

On ABC, Cabinet colleagues including Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and Health Minister Sussan Ley defended Mr Abbott's decision, despite continuing internal concerns about the decision.

Mr Abbott has pledged publicly to consult more widely on future decisions to create knights and dames, a practice he re-instated after winning the 2013 election.