VIEW: Artists' impressions of the planned Suncentral development for the Maroochydore CBD.
VIEW: Artists' impressions of the planned Suncentral development for the Maroochydore CBD. Contributed

Business head warns 'don't wait' with council's CBD move

DON'T wait until it's too late.

That's the message from Caloundra Chamber of Commerce president Mike Shadforth as he urges the Sunshine Coast Council to drive activity in the town before a large slice of council resources and staff are shifted into the new Maroochydore CBD.

Mr Shadforth believed there was room to start driving private sector collaboration and innovation in Caloundra already and urged the council to start drawing in other businesses now, to ensure there was not a massive hole left for other local businesses to cover when staff moved north.

"We need to build momentum now ahead of the move,” Mr Shadforth said.

He said he believed there was already space to introduce more innovative and collaborative businesses in the town, in both the council chambers and the site at 77 Bulcock St.

"We need to be getting that activity now,” he said.

Mr Shadforth said ideally the private sector would be pushing the council into its new premises and he said, if done properly, there could be potential to move even more council staff and resources into the CBD property.

He thought the activation of Nambour and Caloundra should've already started, fearing the news of the planned shift to Maroochydore could slow momentum building in Nambour and Caloundra.

Mr Shadforth said he felt there was a real opportunity to bring creative businesses together in the existing working spaces.

Nambour Alliance president Tony Vella told the Daily on Thursday he expected the number of people working in the Nambour council building to remain at least the same level, adding any reduction in numbers would impact on other small businesses in the town.

The council intends to move about half of its assets and staff at Caloundra and Nambour into a massive new facility in the Maroochydore CBD, creating a town hall-type precinct.

Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce president Troy Deighton said the shift to the new CBD would be a welcome injection for businesses around the new city centre.

He believed it would also open up opportunities for business in both Nambour and Caloundra.

"It's good for the Maroochydore CBD and it's obviously council's choice to do that but it'll be good for surrounding business and small business,” Mr Deighton said.

Some council staff and services are expected to stay in Nambour and Caloundra.