Beattie and Rudd "dream team" to thwart Abbott: MP

MATES: Jo-Ann Miller MP with former premier Peter Beattie.
MATES: Jo-Ann Miller MP with former premier Peter Beattie. David Nielsen

PETER Beattie's entry into federal politics to support Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been hailed by Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller as "the dream team" to thwart the Coalition.

Mr Beattie, the former Queensland premier, will run in the southern Brisbane seat of Forde, now held by the LNP by a slim margin.

"Peter Beattie was a much-loved premier of Queensland and combined with Kevin Rudd they will be a dream team for this state. Working together will be very, very powerful," Ms Miller said.

"Peter is a people person and he gets Queenslanders and understands our issues."

LNP candidate for Blair Teresa Harding said "it doesn't matter to me who runs in other electorates".

"I'm interested in being a strong local member and will focus on boosting jobs, easing the cost of living pressures facing families and strengthening our local economy in Blair. Labor is all about fake change."

Queensland will be one of the key battlegrounds, along with western Sydney, where the election will be decided.

Labor must win Queensland seats off the Coalition to have any chance of victory and Ms Miller said Mr Beattie would be a key figure in making that happen because of his expertise in key areas of concern to the electorate.

"Peter Beattie was a former health minister of Queensland...and he was the architect of the Smart State," Ms Miller said.

"He was also the architect of the community cabinet process which has been copied by other state jurisdictions and also federally.

"He will not only have an impact in the federal seat that he is running in, but right across the state.

"The people of Queensland can know that not only will Kevin Rudd look after them...but Peter Beattie will be there right alongside him."