Aria's Breeze development at Mooloolaba.
Aria's Breeze development at Mooloolaba. John McCutcheon

Building dispute will end with 'belly laughing'

RE BILL Hoffman's article (22/9) "Planner defends Breeze”.

Bill's story highlights discussions from some of the key players in the dispute of alleged design changes, from the original council-approved plans, during the construction period of the now completed high-rise building in Mooloolaba.

The final outcome of this dispute is predictable, for when private activity, local government (council), state government and the judiciary collide in total confusion and inconsistency, justice and reality become subservient elements.

In my experience documented in my book This Land Is My Land published in 2013 was a case battled over seven years, that involved the then Maroochy Shire Council.

It ended leaving an outrageous legal precedent in the "justice?” system.

Based on personal experience I believe my predictions will be very close to the final outcome of this matter.

No matter the circumstances documented against the developer and his advisers, they, acting totally dumb to allegations consistently, will, in my view, bring forward the timing of their final success.

Finally, when all the opinions and options are spent and quietness prevails the developers, with little time and money lost, may well be in their local pub belly laughing over a cold beer at their success.