Tinbeerwah Hall.
Tinbeerwah Hall. Erle Levey

Budget delivers boost for local halls

COMMUNITY halls will get a boost through Noosa Council's 2018/19 budget.

The council will spend $60,000 to paint Cooroora Woodworkers Cottage, and the Tinbeerwah and Ridgewood halls.

The Tinbeerwah hall will also receive new flooring at a cost of $50,000.

New stairs will be built at Pomona Cutters Club, Pomona Museum and Kin Kin Sports Complex.

Pomona Community House will enjoy new handrails plus a $30,000 air-conditioning upgrade.

Electrical switchboard upgrades will be provided for Kin Kin Community Centre, Pomona Cutters Club and Pomona Arts Banana Shed.

"Many of these buildings are essential components of our local heritage,” Mayor Tony Wellington said.

"They were often built by volunteers, and some have been moved and re-purposed as community facilities,” Cr Wellington said.

"The investment we're making in 2018/19 will ensure these historic buildings continue to serve their local communities well into the future.”