A DAY long drinking session resulted in a man assaulting a woman in a vicious carpark attack that was caught on a security camera.

On May 16 this year, Makaira Shane Piripi, 30 and his partner were staying at the Spanish Lace Motor Inn on Bowen Road in Rosslea.

The Townsville District Court heard the pair had been in a relationship for 12 months but were staying at the inn to avoid being seen together after a domestic violence order had been imposed by police in March.

Crown prosecutor Tom Hancock said the duo had been drinking vodka straight all day together before the woman confronted Piripi over comments directed at her children's father at 7.20pm.

CCTV footage of the incident captured on the hotel's security cameras was played for the court.

The footage showed the woman pulling on Piripi's shirt from behind as he sat at an outside table before Piripi punched the woman in the torso causing her to stumble into the car park.

Piripi then pinned the woman on the car park concrete, where he punched her face and held his hand over her mouth before throwing his shirt over her motionless body.

Mr Hancock said about 25 minutes later the attack continued in their room. "The defendant grabbed the complainant by the throat with his hand and pushed her against the wall and she couldn't breath and for a moment thought she would die," he said.

As Mr Hancock read out the details of the case, Piripi turned in the dock to the woman sitting in the gallery and mouthed "sorry" to her.

Police arrested Piripi at the inn a short time later and a search of his room uncovered a glass pipe and clip seal bags.

Piripi pleaded guilty to three charges including assault occasioning bodily harm.

Defence barrister for Piripi Harvey Walters said his client was a father of one and had consumed a "great deal" of liquor on the day. "There is no justification whatsoever for the actions of my client but the start of the matter was a contribution to (the woman) but I don't at all want that to be construed as any justification for what he did," he said.

Judge Gregory Lynham told Piripi his actions were "cowardly".

Judge Lynham declared the 130 days spent in pre-sentence custody as time served and sentenced Piripi to three years' jail.

A parole release date was set at May 16 next year.

After the sentence was read out Piripi fist pumped the air and turned to his partner in the gallery to say goodbye.

Originally published as Brutal attack after day-long drinking session