BRP's 'commonsense policies' will help fix economy

A GROUP of unhappy bank customers-cum-political party members will contest the Federal Election on the promise of greater competition in the banking, supermarket, consumer protection and fuel sectors.

The Bank Reform Party believes Australia's big four banks and supermarkets operate like a cartel due to a lack of competition and price co-ordination.

Former journalist and bank officer turned BRP leader Adrian Bradley said the Labor Party and Coalition were out of touch with the need to fix the economy.

"We need change," he said.

"The ALP and Coalition are out of step with the Australian community on the need to fix these key areas of our economy and do the right thing by mortgages holders, mums and dads, first home buyers, small businesses and farmers.

"Only the BRP has the commonsense policies and commitment to fix it."

The BRP also wants to make the Australian Tax Office more "human".

Members of Unhappy Banking, a group of former Bank West customers, created BRP last year.