Brough plans to push job opportunities

A NEW campaign will show the Sunshine Coast's unemployed how to unlock thousands of dollars in untapped federal government programs, scholarships and grants.

Member for Fisher Mal Brough has launched a campaign called Operation Bounce Back, to address what he sees as the region's primary concern - unemployment.

For the next six weeks Mr Brough will be holding a events, forums and meetings to share with unemployed residents and small business owners the untapped potential of federal funding.

As of June this year, 345 people in Beerwah and 464 people in the Mooloolaba-Alexandra Headland area were looking for work.

"The federal government has developed a number of initiatives to support the unemployed, however, these initiatives are only helpful if those who need them are aware of them," Mr Brough said.

"There's so much out there that people just aren't aware of."

At the campaign launch yesterday, Mr Brough highlighted one of the available programs.

A person aged 18 to 30 who has been out of work for 12 months will receive $2500 from the federal government if they land a job and stay in the position for 12 months. If they remain in the role after two years, they can receive a further $4000.

"People that have challenges getting into the labour market lack motivation - there's plenty of people on the Coast in that position that are long-term unemployed and this funding gives another incentive," Mr Brough said.

"Unemployment is the biggest issue for our region and my greatest focus is on growing jobs and encouraging businesses to connect with employment."

As part of the campaign, Mr Brough will join with business leaders, chambers of commerce and local schools to push for the Coast to become one of the cities selected for a new pilot program that is aimed to benefit those who fall through the cracks of the strict criteria for scholarships and free training.