STUNNER: Brooke Cochrane is in the Face Of The Globe Australia pageant national final.
STUNNER: Brooke Cochrane is in the Face Of The Globe Australia pageant national final. Contributed

Ipswich teenager will face off 20 girls at Face of the Globe

IPSWICH teenager Brooke Cochrane is hoping to represent the city on the world stage.

The 18-year-old from Deebing Heights is a national finalist in the Face of the Globe Australia pageant along with around 20 other girls in the adult division. Ms Cochrane is excited to have such a wonderful opportunity.

She will fly to Melbourne on Thursday with the pageant final to be held on the following two days

The winner will have an experience of a lifetime.

"The winner will get the chance to represent Australia on the international stage in the UK next year," she said.

"We also get to go to Disneyland and Paris.

"A huge part of this pageant is raising money for the Rainbow Child Foundation which is a wonderful non-profit organisation that was founded in the UK. All proceeds go directly towards helping children all around the world. They do things like provide clean water and help build shelters."

Ms Cochrane has been competing in pageants for several years and said she had received many benefits from the experience.

"The confidence I have gained from competing in them is amazing," she said.

The girls are judged on an interview, conducted on the first day of the pageant, and on formal and fashion wear.

"For the fashion section we are gaining inspiration from the rainbow Child Foundation so we will be wearing colourful cocktail dresses," she said.

Ms Cochrane, who lives in Deebing Heights, is keen to embrace positive experiences as she makes her way through life.

"I have come to the conclusion that as long as you are happy with what you are doing, you can achieve anything your heart desires," she told the Face of the Globe Australia website.

"I might pursue the idea of being a pageant director or a primary school teacher, but in the overall spectrum of things my ambition is to be happy with my life and follow my dreams when the time is right. This quote sums it all up for me, 'Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience'.

"I want to be part of Face of the Globe Australia 2015 because not only is it an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the stage, but I genuinely love what it stands for."