IN THE DARK: Sherylee Holt has been trying to find her stolen car (inset), which has disappeared again.
IN THE DARK: Sherylee Holt has been trying to find her stolen car (inset), which has disappeared again. Scott Kovacevic

Broke mum's car stolen for second time in six weeks

THREE times is not the charm for Gympie resident Sherylee Holt, whose stolen car was not only found abandoned in a Brisbane suburb but has since gone missing again.

The silver Hyundai Elantra was taken six weeks ago when two men responded to an online advertisement and then drove off with it.

Ms Holt, who has a son with cystic fibrosis, said the theft had placed a huge strain on her financially.

"I know it's just a stupid old car that has no rego, but to me that was my lifeline," she said.

Without it, she had to use money meant for electricity to pay for registration on another car they had.

As the stolen car was unregistered and she lived in a cul-de-sac, Ms Holt agreed to let one of the men take it around the corner, but he never came back.

She notified Gympie police about the incident, and the Elantra was found on November 16 at Birun St, Woodridge, with the windscreen smashed.


The stolen Hyundai Elantra
The stolen Hyundai Elantra Sherylee Holt

Then it went missing again. She does not know if it was towed or stolen.

A police spokesman said the Elantra had been fingerprinted and photographed when it was found, but they were unable to tow it without permission from the owner.

A Logan City Council spokesman said they had received a complaint about an abandoned car at that address, but it was not there when they investigated.

According to Ms Holt, nobody she had spoken to since the car was stolen had mentioned she had to give her okay to having it towed.

"Because I didn't give permission to tow, they didn't tow," she said.

"I would have said yes, anybody would."

She also wanted to warn other people, as she had been approached by another resident who had agreed to meet the two men on the same day she did.

"They go around finding girls selling cars, take them out for a test drive and don't come back," she said.

Police have reportedly arrested a man in relation to the incident.