Bride’s brutal note to sister.
Bride’s brutal note to sister.

Bride’s brutal note to sister

A BRIDE has shared a scathing letter she wrote in the lead up to her wedding, after her sister stole the spotlight with an unexpected announcement.

The woman wrote the letter ten years ago six weeks before her wedding but never ended up sending it to her sister, who was one of her bridesmaids at the time.

However, last week she opened it on The Ruan Tubridy Radio Show in Ireland, revealing she cried non-stop for days when her sister announced her own engagement before the wedding.

"Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you. I'm delighted that you've found someone who makes you happy and who you wish to spend the rest of your life with," she wrote.

"But could you not have waited another six weeks before announcing your engagement?

"You only get engaged and married once, and the run-up to my wedding should be a special time. I've the hen night coming up in two weeks and forgive me for being a bridezilla but the focus should be on me and my day, not you and your engagement!"

She wrote that she thought it would be best to write her feelings down and decide whether or not to send the letter after the wedding.

"Please forgive me for not being very enthusiastic about your engagement but I'm finding it very hard to muster a smile at the moment," the letter continued

"I'm so hurt that neither you nor your fiance thought for one moment the impact it would have on me and mine, it should be our time to shine and our wedding, and you have thoughtlessly taken that away.

"You both will have your time in the future, I hope nobody does to you what you've done to me."

She finished the note by sarcastically thanking her sister for her "thoughtfulness", adding that she wasn't "really surprised".