UPDATE: Plane crash survivors airlifted to hospital


TWO men who survived a plane crash off the coast of Fraser Island have been flown back to Hervey Bay.

Veteran pilot Gerry Geltch was one of the two men on board the plane.

The men had to swim back to the shore after their plane crash 100m off shore on Wednesday.

The two were transported to Hervey Bay Hospital via rescue helicopter.


TWO people have swum to shore after a plane has crashed offshore at Fraser Island. 

The Chronicle understands they were the only two people on the plane. 

CASA has been notified of the incident. 

Police remain at the scene where salvage discussions are underway.  


A PLANE has crashed into the ocean off Fraser Island. 

The Chronicle understands the plane went into the water near Happy Valley at about 1.20pm.

The plane is currently more than 100m out to sea and at least two people have been reported swimming near the plane. 

Water Police and a rescue helicopter have been tasked to the scene.