GUILTY: Christopher Willert, 32, walked free from court after being released on immediate parole.
GUILTY: Christopher Willert, 32, walked free from court after being released on immediate parole.

Boyfriend slams woman on to concrete after affair

WHEN his then girlfriend admitted cheating to Christopher Willert it triggered two violent outbursts - where he dragged her by the throat, smashed her head into a wall and then into concrete.

With no previous offences of violence, Willert, 32, went before the District Court in Bundaberg and pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm to his girlfriend on July 23, last year both domestic violence offences.

The maximum jail sentence is seven years.

Crown prosecutor Clare Kelly said Willert had been seeing the 40-year-old woman for seven months.

He was living at his mother's house in Kalkie and on July 23 day there had been two arguments about 3pm, then at 6pm.

In Crown facts for the first offence - viewed as the less serious of the two - Willert grabbed her throat, dragged her into a hallway, smashed her head three times into a wall and dropped her on to the floor.

Ms Kelly said the second assault occurred after the pair returned from town after doing errands.

A verbal argument broke out and Willert's mother intervened, before he dragged his girlfriend by the throat down a hallway and outside.

Ms Kelly said Willert lifted the woman up and dropped her on to concrete.

He had taken her mobile phone, punched her in the nose, and she fell back on to the ground briefly losing consciousness.

The woman had blood on her face and Willert's mother told him to let her back inside the house. A taxi was called and the woman left.

She suffered bruising, grazing and a black eye.

Judge William Everson accepted the woman had soft tissue injuries and the violence caused her emotional distress.

"This was not a violent relationship," Willert's barrister Simone Bain said.

"It was a one-off episode when he lost his temper."

"What set him off?" queried Judge Everson.

Ms Bain said there was an argument about the victim's infidelity. She admitted to having an affair and the violence was the result of Willert wanting her to leave the house.

Ms Bain said Willert had been diagnosed with a mood disorder problem 12 years ago, complicated by his then ongoing marijuana use that caused him psychotic episodes.

"He's woken up to the dangers and hasn't used cannabis for seven years," she said.

Judge Everson sentenced Willert to three months jail for the first offence and 12 months jail for the second, to be served currently. He ordered Willert's immediate release on parole.

"In the first offence you stood up quickly, grabbed her throat, smashed her head three times into the wall," Judge Everson said.

"You did errands and returned home. An argument escalated and you became very violent towards her, dragging her down the hallway by the throat.

"Outside you lifted her up, slammed her down on concrete. She hit her head on concrete, lost consciousness. You punched her nose with your right fist."

Judge Everson denounced the conduct, saying "domestic violence is to be deplored."