John  McVeigh-Brown's West of the Great Divide.
John McVeigh-Brown's West of the Great Divide. CONTRIBUTED

Both sides of the globe feature in first 2017 exhibition

ART of Cairncross will feature "Homelands" by much-admired artist John McVeigh-Brown as the first event for 2017 in what will be the newly renovated gallery.

McVeigh-Brown left his original homeland of Scotland as a young man, but has returned regularly to paint around the United Kingdom.

His adopted home in Queensland provided the emerging artist in the 1970s with an entire raft of newness to embrace - most notably the light, as well as the scenery.

And it was the clear brightness which found him focusing away from oils to watercolours.

In this medium, he could convey the white heat of a western panorama where, for much of the day, the sun bleaches out perceptible colour, but it also lent itself to the portrayal of a late-afternoon glow across the land.

His economic use of paint allowed detail to be implied and the viewer's imagination to be engaged.

These wonderful renditions made him an extremely successful artist, a popular member of the Watercolour Society of Queensland and a much sought-after tutor.

In the recent past, McVeigh-Brown and his wife have "downsized" and in this move, he has found he has moved back more to painting in oils.

He mostly uses a palette knife for these very impressionistic land and seascapes.

A trip to Tasmania sparked his desire to recreate moodier works with rougher seas and rugged coastlines and he has certainly achieved that with some highly evocative works, but some equally serene scenes.

"Homelands" is a collection of watercolours and oils of both sides of the world, on display at Art on Cairncross from March 4-26 or see for details.