Coast builder Logan France, pictured with a labourer, said a reduction in JobSeeker payments could be the motivation some people needed to go back to work.
Coast builder Logan France, pictured with a labourer, said a reduction in JobSeeker payments could be the motivation some people needed to go back to work.

Boss hopes JobSeeker cuts prompt more applicants

A Coast-based builder believes a reduction in JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments could be the incentive some people need to get motivated back into the workplace.

France Carpentry and Construction owner Logan France said the increase in benefits made finding new staff members nearly impossible.

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Following his most recent job advertisement, Mr France claimed he couldn't make contact with eight out of the nine applicants.

"Some of them sounded really good, they had been in the construction industry before," he said.

"I contacted them all but only one responded - he said he had already secured a concreting job."

"No emails, no voice messages. Nothing.

"I even sent another text and still nothing."

Coast builder Logan France.
Coast builder Logan France.

The Coast builder said it was his belief a number of jobseekers were applying for jobs just to do what was required to continue receiving JobSeeker payments.

"They are applying for jobs but they really don't give a s---," he said.

"They are on JobSeeker and they've got all this extra money."

Mr France said that was also the consensus of some of his colleagues in the industry.

"My plasterer said he can't find good workers, as well as plumbers and sparkies," he said.

Labor Senator Murray Watt said up to 90,000 Sunshine Coast residents were worse off as a result of recent income support cuts imposed by the Federal Government.

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Mr Watt said millions of dollars would start to be ripped out of the Coast's economy due to Friday's reduction in JobSeeker payments and Monday's cut to JobKeeper payments.

"Today's cuts and changes will see some local businesses and workers lose access completely, while others will have their payments slashed by between $300 and $750 per fortnight," he said in a media release on Monday morning.

"Prematurely winding back support will cost jobs and hurt the local economy."

LNP Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace disagreed, saying there were many jobs going and the construction and civil industries were booming.

"Not a day goes by where I don't get a business contacting me saying they cant get staff," he said.

Mr Wallace said while it was important Australians were incentivised to get back to work, there couldn't be an ongoing reliance on government handouts.

"JobSeeker is extended until the end of the year and JobKeeper until March, and it shouldn't be done cold turkey, but in the process of weaning people off it, it's important for the future of the country to get people back to work as soon as possible," he said.

Mr France agreed, saying he was crying out for workers and giving "free money" to people who didn't want to work was the real problem.

"All this surplus money is being p----- up against the wall and we are still not out of this yet," he said.