Borderlands offers up fun pre-sequel

THE Borderlands franchise stands out for being genuinely unique and true to its own character.

That might sound like overselling what is otherwise a loot-hunting action- shooter, but it is true.

The pre-sequel is 100% unadulterated Borderlands. If you like Borderlands then you will likely enjoy this.

Welcome to Pandora's moon, Elpis, where gravity is scarce, oxygen scarcer and everyone speaks with an Aussie accent.

There are two sides to this release. Firstly, it's a full game's worth of new Borderlands content. It has new features, such as low gravity, new classes, and a handy way of recycling useless equipment for better gear.

Claptrap's back. Yay.

So are the sexist jokes. We can do without those.

Secondly, this may be a full game but it's not Borderlands 3. It's the same engine and there's little innovation past what's already possible.

It's midway through the true sequel's development cycle and has been developed - quite well - by another company.

Money-making exercise? Or putting more content out there for people to enjoy? The first one assumes that people are idiots and can't control their purchases, the second one doesn't.

When it's handled this well, in-between games are a good thing. Asking for constantly faster and faster iteration of the technology is just going to destroy the industry.