Infected UK tourist who stayed on island nabbed


A CORONAVIRUS-infected UK tourist has been dramatically swooped on by Border Force and remains in immigration detention amid accusations she wilfully holidayed at Hamilton Island knowing she could be infectious.

In a signal the Federal Government will crack down on those who fail to heed medical advice, Border Force yesterday detained Amy Bowley, 37, after she was discharged from Mackay Hospital.

It is understood she has now recovered from the virus.

It is believed the women's visitor visa was cancelled on Tuesday and will remain in detention until she can be booted out.

The Courier-Mail understands she will also be slapped with an exclusion penalty meaning she will not be able to return to Australia for three years.

The woman, an avid traveller who has been to Australia before is understood to be a florist and gym instructor.

She is expected to be returned to the UK.

The woman, who was feeling unwell in Sydney, was tested for coronavirus but instead of self-isolating for 14 days she headed to one of Queensland'd premier tourist destinations.



NSW Health authorities alerted Queensland counterparts after she recorded a positive test. It sparked Queensland Health authorities to transfer her to Mackay Hospital.

It is understood she told heath authorities she did not fully comprehend the need to self-isolate

Health authorities recommend that anyone being tested for COVID-19 should quarantine themselves until the test results are known.

Once someone tests positive, if they are not sick enough to be admitted to hospital, they are required to go into home isolation for 14 days.

News of the women's alleged behaviour is understood to have enraged authorities, who are trying to battle to slow the spread of coronavirus from those who have travelled overseas.

It also points to the options available to the authorities, who are demanding those who have tested positive to the virus, or have come into contact with someone with the virus, to shut themselves away for 14 days.







Originally published as Border Force intercepts infected tourist