Pharmacy Essentials Blackwaters' Richard Teed
Pharmacy Essentials Blackwaters' Richard Teed

Blackwater’s only pharmacy not concerned over new cases

IT HAS been business as usual at Pharmacy Essentials Blackwater following the news that Blackwater resident Nathan Turner died on Tuesday and later tested positive for COVID-19.

Pharmacist Richard Reed said they had no idea what to expect at the town's only pharmacy after the news came out, if they would be quiet or busy.

So far, it has been quite standard.

Mr Teed joked everyone was busy next door at Woolworths buying toilet paper as he saw many trollies go past on Wednesday with them.

Toilet paper stocks at Blackwater Woolworths on Thursday morning.
Toilet paper stocks at Blackwater Woolworths on Thursday morning.

Mr Teed advised people shouldn't be too worried, as long as "they continue to practise their social distancing, be vigilant and get tested if they are concerned".

The news of the case coming from the small community was not a shock for Mr Teed.

He said there were going to be cases now everyone was moving around again.

"I think it is one thing for people to read about it but when it happens in your own backyard then all of a sudden it is real," he said.

"I think they (the community) always thought if it came here it would be one to five cases."

Given Blackwater is a strong mining town, there are many FIFO and DIDO workers coming and going.

Mr Teed commended the mines for doing a really good job in their practices and protocols and believes this is part of the reason there has been so little cases so far.

While some restrictions on the public and businesses are being lifted, Mr Teed doesn't have a problem as he said they were going to be lifted eventually.

His concern however, from a medical point of view, is that we are not out of the woods yet.

"Until there is a vaccine, there is going to be cases," he said.