Billy Baldwin Donald Trump
Billy Baldwin Donald Trump

Baldwin: Trump harassed my wife

ACTOR Billy Baldwin has taken aim at President Trump, accusing him of sexually harassing his wife two decades ago.

Baldwin made the claim on Twitter in a reply to Donald Trump Jr, who tweeted about allegations of sexual harassment against US senator Al Franken.

Chynna is a member of the band Wilson Phillips. Picture: Supplied
Chynna is a member of the band Wilson Phillips. Picture: Supplied

Baldwin pointed out Trump Jr's hypocrisy given his father, the US President was heard bragging about groping women on a leaked Access Hollywood tape, and revealed an incident involving his wife, Wilson Phillips singer Chynna Phillips, and Trump in the nineties.

"Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations," Baldwin wrote.

"In fact … I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel … your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife … invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City.

"She showed his fat ass the door."

An insider who was at the party in the mid-nineties confirmed Baldwin's account to the New York Daily News.

"Trump came barging in and started saying, 'Let's get in my helicopter, let's blow this party and get out of here."'

Trump "looked her up and down" and "tried to coerce her into getting in his helicopter".

She "laughed uncomfortably at the prospect and said thanks but no thanks".

The source said Trump's presence was especially awkward as it was an intimate gathering to celebrate Phillips' birthday, and there were only about five people in attendance.

Trump is yet to respond to the claim.

The US President has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 16 women, with allegations ranging from the early 1980s to 2013.