Senator Cory Bernardi
Senator Cory Bernardi

Is Bernardi about to split the Liberal Party in half?

CONSERVATIVE Coalition backbencher Cory Bernardi has issued a call to arms to other right-wing Australians, setting up a group to "make sure our voice is never taken for granted again".

Senator Bernardi issued the call in his regular blog, as the election count continues in what he called a "disaster" for the Coalition.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has faced criticism from coalition backbenchers on the as-yet-unknown election outcome, for not campaigning heavily enough on traditional conservative issues like national security.

Sen Bernardi wrote that irrespective of the final vote, "the clear mission now is to bring people together for the good of the country".

"That is going to take the formalisation of a broad conservative movement to help change politics and to give common sense a united voice," he wrote.

"It's more important than ever that we unite Australian Conservatives, who share many views, regardless of their party affiliation."