Bec Judd has revealed how a beauty treatment left her looking like a 'plucked chicken'.
Bec Judd has revealed how a beauty treatment left her looking like a 'plucked chicken'.

Bec Judd: ‘I looked like a plucked chicken’

RADIO presenter Rebecca Judd has revealed how curling her eyelashes once left her looking like a "plucked chicken".

Speaking on afternoon radio show, The 3pm Pickup on KIIS alongside co-host Katie 'Monty' Dimond, the mum-of-four said a simple slip in front of the mirror resulted in a horror accident that left her in tears - and without her own lashes.

"This one time I was modelling in Hong Kong, and I was curling my normal lashes," she explained.

"I was leaning on my elbow as I was curling them and my elbow slipped as I pushed down on the clamp.

Judd plucks eyelashes by accident

"All of my lashes came out just before the job. I screamed ... I called my mum and I cried."

Judd, who was just 19 at the time of the accident, said the slip stripped almost all of her lashes out at once.

"I looked like a plucked chicken," she said.

"There was like random little ones and I was clinging on to them for dear life. But it took a good two or three months for them to grow back."

Bec Judd reveals how she lost her lashes

It's not the first time the 35-year-old has experienced a mishap after meddling with her lashes. Discussing extensions, Judd said the glue used to insert the lashes once gave her an allergic reaction.

"The fumes from the super glue that they used ... I had this reaction in my eyeballs and my eyes were watering and watering," she explained.

"I had all these tears coming down and I woke up the next day and I had conjunctivitis from the fumes from the superglue."

Last year, Judd - who is married to former Carlton AFL captain Chris Judd - previously opened up about another beauty regimen that went horribly wrong.

In August, she detailed her experience with 'fraxel' -- a laser resurfacing treatment that many dermatologists use to combat skin issues, such as acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. But the treatment does require some down time of at least three to four days, which - as Judd explained - left her looking like she'd "been blasted with a torch of fire."

"You go in and you get numbing cream put on for an hour and it's this medical grade numbing cream," she explained.

"You can't feel anything when you touch it with your fingers. But then they kind of torch you with this laser and you can really feel it then."

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