Peter Beattie... backs tougher lockout laws
Peter Beattie... backs tougher lockout laws Inga Williams

Beattie backs tougher pub and club lockout laws

Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie, who introduced 3am lockouts in the state's pubs and clubs more than a decade ago, has backed the current government's attempts to make his laws even tougher.

The state government's legislation aiming to curb alcohol-fuelled violence was due to be debated on Wednesday, but Mr Beattie said he did not know whether his Labor colleagues would manage to get the numbers to pass it through the hung Parliament.

Mr Beattie told Fairfax Media there were several parallels to the debate in which he participated in 2005 and the one Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk faced in 2016.

"When we wanted to do the 3am lockouts, everybody protested against us," he said.

"We did it because a young man was killed in alcohol-fuelled stupidity.

"The reality is, it's all very well for people to say it's going to affect tourism and all the rest, but if young Australians are going to get killed, we have a responsibility to do something about it."

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