SEAVIEW TCE: The purple line is the coastal building line.
SEAVIEW TCE: The purple line is the coastal building line.

Beach pool refusal erodes council offers by $40k

AFTER a year of dispute with Noosa Council, a Sunshine Beach owner of a beachfront property looks poised to win a bid to build a swimming pool, deck extension and stairs.

In December last year councillors refused the Seaview Tce application amid concerns the construction risked erosion impacts as the construction was seaward of the designated coastal building line set to protect built structures in dual areas like this.

Last year one of council's planning experts advised: "Given the site is affected by the coastal building line and is located in a highly vulnerable erosion-prone area, the proposed 6m setback is not sufficient."

The applicant appealed and council to date has spent more than $43,000 on its legal defence, including advice from barrister Christopher Hughes QC, and the preparation of a joint engineering report prepared with the property owner.

Council development assessment manager Kerri Coyle is recommending to Monday's general committee meeting to settle the appeal subject to site stabilisation works and the applicant paying a $20,000 bond.

Ms Coyle's said the outcome was the experts for both council and the applicant found the pool can be built "subject to extensive geotechnical works including substantial micropiling".

The experts said the proposed construction would "provide protection of the swimming pool and subsequently the house by adequately managing erosion from impacting on the pool structure for all storm tide and wave events" up to the climate change 2050 event.

The report found the ground stabilisation methods "should ensure that the pool will withstand erosion associated with a 100-year ARI storm and recession due to sea level rise of 0.3m".

If councillors agree with Ms Coyle's recommendation the works would have to be carried out "strictly in accordance with the requirements of the joint report."

Mr Hughes has advised given council's experts agreeing with these findings, "council has very low prospects of success in resisting this appeal".

"If the matter was to proceed to trial it is estimated that this would cost a further $100,000," Ms Coyle said.

A final decision will be made at next Thursday's full council meeting.