NICE AND NEAT: An organised tackle tray.
NICE AND NEAT: An organised tackle tray. CONTRIBUTED

Be organised and keep your tackle tidy

WITH the increasing range of lures and plastics, fishermen have seen the move towards individual flat tackle boxes rather than the hold-everything style.

This style of tackle organisation is perfect, as you can keep you freshwater lures away from your saltwater or you can have surface lures in one box and deep divers in the other.

This keeps all your lures neat and tidy and, combined with one or two tackle bags, this will save you carrying around unwanted kilos of lures and tackle not needed for the associated fishing trip.

There is a lot of talk about materials and the best brand of tackle box to buy.

With so many boxes on the market, it's imperative that you buy a worm-proof box.

The chemicals used to make soft plastics will adversely react to certain types of plastic boxes. The reaction between the two chemicals can melt and disfigure the box.

Worm-proof boxes are made from a non-reacting plastic that is not affected by the two substances.

I do believe that that it is safer to keep your soft plastics in their original bags, especially if they are 10X material and contain scents.

Most worm-proof boxes come out of China and Korea. Try to avoid the cheaper boxes when using soft plastics.

The solution to the problem when taking in all the above information is to buy a quality brand.

Plano tackle boxes, which are all worm-proof, have been around a long time.

They have a great warranty program and all the flat boxes are semi-clear so you can see and label what's inside.

Another awesome feature they have over others is that they are available in waterproof models, which is perfect for the open-style boats where they are susceptible to spray.

One of the newest models to the market is the Monocross tackle box.

These boxes are made from high-strength ABS plastic and feature higher and lower temperature endurance. All good tackle trays come complete with adjustable compartments and different depths, to ensure there will be one to suit all.

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