Adventure angler Des Campbell shares his memorable trip by air to the barra grounds.
Adventure angler Des Campbell shares his memorable trip by air to the barra grounds.

Barra reward after flying into wild territory

AFTER seeing the return of Fishing Lines in the QT, Des Campbell was keen to share his recent fishing adventure to the Northern Territory.

Des and wife Karen started their trip with a first time tour to climb Uluru before catching up with a long-time friend in Darwin.

While in Darwin, the Ipswich couple received a call from another family friend from Katherine announcing the birth of her son Splinter's first child, a baby girl.

"So off we went and towed the van, parking on Splinter's 50 acre block about 25km north of Katherine,'' Des said continuing the story. "While we were there I gave Splinter a hand to clear some trees and slash some off the block. We then poured some concrete footings for his new shed.

"Splinter, being a chopper pilot, wanted to show his appreciation for my help, and offered to take me heli-fishing.

"We set off to an isolated part of the Roper River. It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get there at 200km/h.

"We did a low, slow fly over, checking for crocs and barra. We saw one freshy about 1.5m.

"Splinter landed the chopper in about six inches of water, and we waded in waist-deep water to get to where we saw the barra.''

Des said Splinter had the first cast, and hooked a barra straight away using a red and green hard plastic lure.

"Then I cast, and same for me,'' Des said. "I hooked one straight away on a red, black and silver four inch hard plastic lure.

"The water was so clear you could see the barra take the lure.

"Two hours later after upgrading and releasing, we had our quota - five barra each.''

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