A DOGFIGHT between neighbours has forced one of the Sunshine Coast's most popular boarding kennels to close indefinitely.

Peregian Pet Resort will go into an indefinite shutdown later this month after a Maroochydore court found the facility was operating unlawfully and making the lives of its neighbours anything but a holiday.

According to court documents, kennel owners Anthony and Barbara Dender never built the facility up to standard and avoided making changes that would have cut down noise from the kennels.

The Denders were taken to the Planning and Environment Court in Maroochydore by next-door neighbours Scott and Karen Younie, whose marriage broke down because of the ongoing breaches, the court heard.

Mr Younie told the court his teenage son moved out of home because of the noise coming from the kennel, which was 90% full three-quarters of the year and full during holidays.

Judge John Robertson found the Denders had not complied with a plan approved by the Planning and Environment Court in 2005.

"The building works, the subject of the permit, were not in accordance with the plans approved by the court and involved a significantly different kennel design to that on the court-approved plans," Judge Robertson said.

The court also found the owners had not built certain facilities that would have eliminated some of the noise.

"The Denders gained significant commercial advantage by building the kennel completely contrary to the court-approved plan," Judge Robertson said.

In October last year the court ordered the Denders to make a number of changes that would have met the noise requirements, but they did not comply.

The judge denied an application to extend the stay of the order.

"The Denders are not committed to strict compliance with the orders ... the application to extend the stay is simply an attempt to unfairly buy more time at the expense of the Younies' quiet enjoyment of their property," he said.

The Peregian Pet Resort website has posted that the facility will be closed indefinitely from January 28 due to a court order.

The resort's closure is a blow for pet owners such as Charlie Stafford, who has checked his bulldog in there more than 20 times.

He could not speak highly enough of its professionalism.

"We just never had to stress about him because he was looked after every single time," Mr Stafford said. 

BY ORDER OF THE COURT: Peregian Pet Resort at Peregian Beach will close its doors on January 28.
BY ORDER OF THE COURT: Peregian Pet Resort at Peregian Beach will close its doors on January 28.

"Our dog can have breathing difficulties so we were a little stressed about leaving him with someone, but after the first time we never stressed out with them.

"It's called a resort for a reason; you would want to stay there yourself."