NATURAL: Wham Bamboo Straws are an alternative to plastic straws.
NATURAL: Wham Bamboo Straws are an alternative to plastic straws.

Bamboo straws saving the earth

JO FALLA is helping to save the earth, one drinking straw at a time.

The Noosa Heads woman came across bamboo straws while on holiday and decided Noosa needed to catch on with the environmentally friendly tools.

"I was in Thailand and I was sipping on one of these beautiful bamboo straws, and I opened up my Facebook.

"There was a post from Clean Up Australia, saying they'd found 20,000 of them (plastic drinking straws) on the Noosa Main Beach.

"I was sipping on the beautiful bamboo straw, and I thought 'something's got to change'.”

Jo contacted the suppliers, a family-run business in northern Thailand.

"They cut the bamboo and dry them, they dry for six weeks in the sun so no mould grows on them, and they polish them up,” she said.

The straws are reusable, biodegradable and washable with warm water and vinegar.

They can be blank or printed with logos, with a design of 'love Noosa' currently on offer.

Jo hopes to introduce the straws to Noosa events and sees a future for them as souvenirs.

"With love Noosa written on them, they will become a collectable,” Jo said.

"I had an order for some for the Festival of Surfing.

"I think they could go worldwide.”

Currently the straws are for sale for $2.50 each, which Jo understands is a little costly.

She said she has looked at cheaper stockists from China, but prefers the charitable option.

"I like the thought of helping out a family in Thailand,” Jo said.

"If I buy five or ten thousand, the price will come down. It's just a matter of getting some volume behind it.”

Call Jo on 54498066.