IN COURT: Brendan Keith Henricksen.
IN COURT: Brendan Keith Henricksen.

BAD DEAL: Man who complained of dodgy meth faces court again

LESS than a month since facing the Bundaberg Magistrates Court in relation to a string of drug related charges a local man has found himself back before a magistrate again.

Brendan Keith Henricksen yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a pipe which had been used to smoke an illicit drug.

The incident occurred when police intercepted a vehicle where they found the defendant inside, as well as a backpack lying on the floor with a glass pipe on top.

When police asked Henricksen what it was, he responded "you know what it's used for" and declined to answer any further questions.

IN COURT: Brendan Keith Henricksen.
IN COURT: Brendan Keith Henricksen.

The defendant told the court that although he had been previously working as a plumber, his driver's licence was disqualified until 2023 so he was unable to continue this work and had instead accepted a job as a seasonal fruit picker.

But when the acting Magistrate asked if Henricksen was currently picking fruit, he said he was not and had no reason for it, but had instead been on Centrelink's job keeper allowance.

The defendant was fined $300 and a conviction was recorded.

It comes after Henricksen appeared in court last month on a string of drug charges, where he told police he had been "ripped off" because he was supplied "poor quality meth."


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