Dane Rampe and his awesome mo.
Dane Rampe and his awesome mo.

Bachelor? What Bachelor? Sam Frost has a new man

JUST one day after she announced she was planning to sell her $58,000 engagement ring, Bachelor 'winner' Sam Frost has confirmed she has a new man in her life and it is none other than Sydney Swans footballer Dane Rampe.   

25-year-old Sam spoke to Mamamia about her new love interest, praising his facial hair.   


Remember the time that guy pulled a really hilarious prank on me?
Sam Frost is contemplating selling the engagement ring she won on The Bachelor last year.


"It's new and fresh and it's really great," she told Mamamia.  

"He's got the sickest moustache and he's the coolest dude on the planet."  

"He's a bit weird. And I'm a bit weird. So it's good."    

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The 24-year-old footballer has played two seasons as a defender with the Swans.  

While Sam is still good friends from Bachelor runner-up Lisa Hyde, she admits she hasn't had contact with Blake Garvey or his new squeeze, the show's third runner up Louise Pillidge.   

"I prefer it that way," she said.   

"I'm forever known as 'Sam from The Bachelor that got dumped'.  It's time to let it go. Move forward."