Mel Crosby and Warren Ellis have an appetite for breakfast at the table at Noosa Springs.
Mel Crosby and Warren Ellis have an appetite for breakfast at the table at Noosa Springs.

‘Baby we’re back on course for you’

THEY maybe “baby steps” back to the way we were as a tourist town, but Noosa Springs Golf and Spa resort at least is relishing a return to putting out the welcome mat for its surprise sudden return of diners and guests.

In fact Noosa Springs GM Mark Brady has a spring back in his step as the resort’s highly fancied Relish restaurant from Friday serves a la carte breakfast and the overnight stays resume over the weekend.

Relish was programed for a June 12 reopening witha 20 people per room restriction but then the Premier announced Sunday afternoon that the COVID-19 restrictions would be further eased.

“It’s just baby steps as we look at all our processes. We used to do buffet breakfasts but with all the touch points (for possible virus contact) we’ve gone to a la carte,” Mr Brady said.

“We had to go and rearrange our rosters and purchase food and all that sort of business. From Friday we’re open for a la carte breakfast and lunches everyday and then just Friday night dining at this stage unless there is a function on.

“We’re still doing takeaway meals everynight, because there’s still a lot of people who are more comfortable in the home,” he said.

Noosa Springs golf course is still operating.
Noosa Springs golf course is still operating.

They are aiming for 60 diners earing in three segregated rooms.

The resort’s spa opened back up last Monday for 20 clients, and the gym is reopening this Monday for 20 people after the surprise announcement that gyms were okay to open last Monday.

“We’ve just finished repainting and recarpeting the gym because we were planning on opening on the 12th,” he said.

Mr Brady said the spa and gym would be operating with “all the safety precautions in the world”.

“There’s a lot of pent up energy there because I came in to work on Monday and we had 20 spa inquieries on email overnight, so there’s a lot of people just waiting to go to spa.”

He said Noosa Springs had also given lengthy extensions on its gift vouchers for Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Noosa Springs spa.
Noosa Springs spa.

Like so many other tourist operators, Mr Brady is hanging on grimly for the state border to open, the sooner the better and he’s keen to see the New Zealand travel “bubble” to Australia to soon be a reality.

“The most profitable time for our business is the end of June to the end of October which is the New Zealand and southern state tourism and that will have an over-riding effect on us.

“If the borders open up sometime in July, maybe start of August, that will be a really good thing for us.

“If it’s say not until the September school holidays, that will cause a lot of issues,” Mr Brady said.

Noosa Springs Resort was working towards a June 12 opening for overnight stays “but all of a sudden we can open this weekend”.

He said bookings at such short notice were reasonable “but again we rely heavily on that Victoria New Zealand trade”.

Of course the golf pro shop and the course has remained open under strict playing guidelines for those always hungry for a hit on a challenging golf course.