The auction of Peregian Springs Golf Club assets goes on as developer Aveo withdraws development application.
The auction of Peregian Springs Golf Club assets goes on as developer Aveo withdraws development application. Patrick Woods

Aveo pulls out of development bid

AVEO's formal withdrawal of its development application for Peregian Springs Golf Club won't stop a community meeting planned for this weekend opposing the project.

Planning portfolio head Christian Dickson has confirmed a formal request to withdraw has been received from the developer after it had late last week sought to suspend for a month consideration of the applications by councillors.

The development application has been assessed by the council's planning staff and was recommended for refusal at the ordinary general meeting scheduled for August 18.

Cr Dickson said the latest correspondence would be considered by councillors during the agenda review meeting this Thursday.

"The key point is the developer has made a concerted effort to make a new position,” he said.

"What they do now is up to them. I'm assuming we will see a new application.”

Peregian Springs Supporters Group spokesman Greg Smith said a planned leaflet drop had gone ahead, a hall had been booked and Saturday's meeting planned for 3pm at the Peregian Springs State School Indoor Sports Centre would go ahead.

"All we see it as is a tactical withdrawal,” Mr Smith said.

"We received an email last night from Steve Robinson (Division 9 councillor) suggesting our meeting was no longer necessary.

"The meeting is just as important now. The community is not stupid.”

Cr Robinson who has been twice asked to comment about Aveo's proposal on Monday responded with a text message saying he wanted questions in writing.

The agenda for the August 18 meeting of the council contains contains 33 pages relating to the Aveo development application.

Council planning officers recommended refusal of the application which sought to change from sport and recreation to residential 1.1 hectares of the golf course.

A series of four online auctions are now under way to dispose of the assets of the golf club which was placed in administration in June after Aveo last November withdrew its representation on the board and its financial support.

Aveo had proposed the development as a means of securing funding for the club and paid it a $200,000 non-refundable deposit of an anticipated $900,000 share of the proceeds.