ACCOLADES: Noosa author Fiona Tarr with her Author Academy Award nominated novel  The Jericho Prophecy .
ACCOLADES: Noosa author Fiona Tarr with her Author Academy Award nominated novel The Jericho Prophecy . Contributed

Author living her own fantasy

ONE Noosa writer has been nominated for a prestigious academy award, an Author Academy Award that is.

Similar to the acting world, it is the cream of the crop when it comes to authors and an achievement Fiona Tarr is very proud of.

Having reached number one in the fantasy genre, her book The Jericho Prophecy has now been short-listed as a finalist for the awards held in the United States in October.

The book is up against 10 other novels in its category, which originally had about 160 entrants.

While she has decided not to attend the awards, Tarr said the nomination means she must be doing something right.

"It was an affirmation that my books are reaching people,” she said.

"It has really inspired me to keep writing.”

"As an indie author it is also great my work is up there against professionals.”

Indie meaning self-published, Tarr said it is surreal to be up competing with books from some of the worlds biggest publishers.

The Jericho Prophecy is Tarr's sixth book and a retelling of the Fall of Jericho.

A contemporary write, it explores the precarious life of women from that time.

"It is based on an old Bible story told in a mythological and fantasy way,” she said.

Tarr said she always wanted to get into writing and once she found a passion, wanted to tell a story.

"I worked in youth work before and my books derive from seeing a lack of tolerance between organisations that got in the way of what was important.

"That left me feeling like it needed to be fixed and it gave me a chance to express my feelings about it.”

While her books are based on biblical history, Tarr said by bringing them into a mythological realm, they can be enjoyed by all audiences.

"I think it helps readers be more tolerant about other people's belief systems,” she said.

"It's had some good reviews.”

Tarr's book was also recently named in the top five for the Readers Favourites Awards after being short-listed for its genre in a separate competition.

"I am pretty happy with both of these, you really feel like you are on the right track.”

Tarr released her first novel series Covenant of Grace in 2014 and is set to release the first book of her third series next month.

"I have done about two books a year since 2014,” she said.

Some may say writing runs in the family, with her great uncle George Johnston the author of My Brother Jack, a 1964 novel that was later turned into a television series.

Papaerback copies of The Jericho Prophecy are available locally at Annie's Books on Peregian or can be downloaded on Amazon.