OPINION: Australia votes, The Voice style

IT'S now four days since most of Australia lined up in the hot sun, grabbed a snag, wrangled with their oversized white Senate paper and cast their vital vote in the Federal election.

And yet... we're still none the wiser as to who we have leading our country.

In years to come I'm betting the process will be much simpler than counting postal and pre-polling ballots and narrowing down the preferences.

I envisage something like what I took part in Sunday night during The Voice live semi-finals as the future of determining who will run our country.

I actually kind of wish we could run the entire election campaign the way the final four Voice contestants were decided on Sunday night.

We could have all our candidates in an audition-type situation, standing on stage and pitching why we should vote for them.

Then, we could whip out our smartphones with the pre-downloaded 'Australia Votes' app.

Digitally altered image of Sonia Kruger, Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.
Digitally altered image of Sonia Kruger, Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.

They we have just one commercial break to hit 'save' on the candidate we want to retain their seat in our electorate.

When we come back from break, Sonia Kruger hits the stage alongside the candidates.

"And the candidate going home and missing out on the grand final is..." as Sonia bids farewell to the losers one by one.

Then, the final four get one last chance to win Australia over. Battle rounds: Election style.

In the space of three minutes, the candidates can continue with their policy speeches, break out in song or dance, kiss babies, participate in a high-vis vest and hard hat fashion parade... whatever is usually contained in eight weeks of campaigning crammed into a few minutes.

Cut to the next commercial break, where again Australia can instantly save their final pick via the smartphone app.

Sonia welcomes us back to the live show, where she announces the winner, confetti falls from the stage roof and a music montage plays under credits.

Done and dusted in the space of a few hours.

Sure, we won't get to experience the snags and bake stalls ... surely there's an app to deliver those treats to our door by now?