OPINION: ‘For me, Australia Day is a reminder how ignorant we are as a nation of people.’
OPINION: ‘For me, Australia Day is a reminder how ignorant we are as a nation of people.’

Australia Day: A reminder of how ignorant we are

I'm an Australian.

I'm going to assume the majority of people reading this are Aussies as well.

As citizens of this Great Southern Land we are referred to as many splendid things, but one thing you can't deny is our staunch passion and patriotism.

And as a patriotic nation I think it is important to have at least a little bit of an understanding of our national history.

As a 40-year-old bloke who rarely pays much attention to anything, my country's past is something I think we should all have a clear understanding of.

So after reading up on what happened here on January 26, it surprises me that we are so eager to celebrate this as our national day.

For me, Australia Day is a reminder of how ignorant we are as a nation of people.

Catching up for a barbie and dressing up in our flag on a day that commemorates such devastation for our indigenous people seems nothing short of ludicrous and disrespectful.

January 26 marks the anniversary of British settlement in Australia.

The day to signify when a bunch of British leaders decided over 230 years ago that here would be a great place to bring 700 or so convicts, not counting the 45 who died on the journey.

And then there is the small issue of the devastating impact the colonisation had on indigenous Australians.

Who, until that point, had called this place home for over 60,000 years.

I love a beer as much as the next Aussie bloke, but I won't be raising a glass on Australia Day.

I'm all for celebrating with my family what it means to be an Australian and enjoying this extremely lucky country immersed in so many different cultures and backgrounds.

But why don't we educated our children about what happened on January 26 before we start painting their faces green and gold.