Jarrod Bleijie welcomes new QLRC members

ATTORNEY-General Jarrod Bleijie has welcomed the appointment of five members to the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

Mr Bleijie said on Thursday the commission was a well-established independent body designed to review particular elements of Queensland laws and make recommendations to bring them into the present day.

"The commission will be headed by Supreme Court Justice David Jackson who is an experienced legal mind who will bring a fresh perspective to legislation," he said.

"It is important we continue to look at long-standing legislation in our state to ensure it is simplified and modernised to reflect the progress of our great state.

"I look forward to the commission continuing its vital work in the coming years and contributing to the development of Queensland's laws."

Mr Bleijie said other newly appointed members to the commission include former Supreme Court Justice Margaret Wilson, Peter Hastie, Dr Peter McDermott and Samantha Traves.