The driver has been slapped with a suspended sentence, $4000 fine and eight-year disqualification
The driver has been slapped with a suspended sentence, $4000 fine and eight-year disqualification

‘Atrocious’: Driver banned from having a licence until 2030

A DISQUALIFIED driver with an "atrocious" traffic record was warned he was "staring down the barrel of imprisonment" if he was busted behind the wheel of a car before March 2030.

Jordan Robert Craig told police he thought he could drive whenever he needed to despite being slapped with a court-ordered licence ban.

Now he's been slapped with a suspended sentence, $4000 fine and eight-year disqualification.

The 20 year old fronted Mackay Magistrates Court for his fourth disqualified driving charge since August 2019, three of which occurred this year.

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"You've obviously showed you're too immature to have a licence and you won't have one for a long time," Magistrate Damien Dwyer told him.

Craig had already been disqualified for two years when he was pulled over in March and July at Beaconsfield.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard as police were questioning him on one occasion Craig was asked when was the last time he drove and he said "yesterday", resulting in the third charge.

Legal Aid Queensland solicitor Danny Yarrow said his client had no criminal history but conceded his "traffic history is atrocious" particularly for someone his age.

The court heard jail was a last resort but Mr Dwyer said there needed to be a strong message.

Mr Yarrow argued it would be Craig's first jail term and he had entered pleas of guilty, pushing for a wholly suspended sentence.

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The court heard Craig, who was working five to six days a week, had initially plead not guilty to one of the driving charges, which Mr Dwyer labelled a "complete and utter waste of time".

Craig was jailed for six months wholly suspended for two years and fined $4000.

For the three disqualified driving charges, which have cumulative penalties, Craig was banned for a total of eight years. This will not start until his initial disqualification period has ended.

Mr Dwyer said this meant Craig could not drive until about March 2030.

After some time he is able to apply to the court to have the disqualification period removed, but it is at the magistrate's discretion whether any application is successful.