Pixels is open in Hastings St and proving plenty of gaming holiday opportunities.
Pixels is open in Hastings St and proving plenty of gaming holiday opportunities.

Arcade where games trigger Hasting St nostalgia

A CLASSIC 1980s inspired gaming arcade done with a twist of Noosa sophistication and just a wink of nostalgia to Betty's burgers, has opened on the quiet in Hastings St.

Pixels Arcade in Bay Village is the brain child of young professional couple Jelena and Angus Parker.

The Parkers have also recruited the creative branding skills of Candy Brophy who was delighted with last week's soft opening.

Angus was inspired to open their arcade based on his childhood memories of Noosa, walking through the Hastings St arcade to grab a cheap as chips Betty's burger.

"He loved Noosa, they've now got a holiday house up there and they work out anyway possible to be up there," Candy said.

"What prompted it is, we both have small children and being in Noosa when the beach is closed, or it's a bit too hot, there's not much for the kids to do.

"When we were kids, we grew up playing arcade games."

Candy said the traditional arcade downstairs makes way upstairs for a platinum lounge "where you're going to be able to log into all your modern gaming … it's just state the art".

"We'll have the hanging egg chairs, mum will be able to have a wine out the front while the kids are playing," she said.

"It's all very family orientated, but we've also got a really fancy chef who is also going to be serving up gourmet food."

Candy said Jelena came up with the concept in March approached her to do the branding, putting to work her creative skills developed over 15 years in retail.

"Jelena and I have both got two boys so we frequent arcades a lot and they either cross over into too much of a nightclub or too much just screaming kids and there's not anywhere for mum to sit," she said.

They are planning to have the hard opening of Pixels before Christmas.