Government at war with ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's

IT IS finally happening - we are all screaming about ice cream.

A conservation campaign by American ice cream giants Ben & Jerry's that is offering cold, sweet treats as part of a Queensland tour to stop port expansions and dredging near the Great Barrier Reef is causing heart-burn on George St.

Environment Minister Andrew Powell and Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey has used a press conference on Monday to criticise the ice cream-flavoured campaign, which he believes is tasteless and misleading.

"The only people taking a scoop out of the reef are Ben and Jerry's and (parent company) Unilever themselves," Mr Powell said.

"If you understand the facts, you would want to be boycotting Ben and Jerry's."

The government and Queensland Resources Council are running their own campaign to convince voters the reef is not in danger.

The World Wide Fund for Nature says Ben and Jerry's campaign is refreshing.