Albanese hit out at funding for the Bruce Hwy

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard's front bench team have stepped up attacks on the Newman Government as Labor moves to claw back votes in the Sunshine State.

Senior federal ministers including Treasurer Wayne Swan, Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese and Schools Minister Peter Garrett hit out at the conservative state government on Wednesday.

The attacks came after a bleak Tuesday for Federal Labor, with poll results revealing the party may lose almost every seat in Queensland at the coming election.

Results showed the only Queensland MP to maintain his seat could be former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, indicating even Mr Swan could lose his seat.

Mr Albanese used Question Time to hit out at funding for the Bruce Highway after the state government released its budget on Tuesday.

The state budget showed some $690 million was set aside for works up and down the highway.

Queensland Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson only ever claimed the state had put up 22%, or $153 million, of the total.

Despite that, Mr Albanese said the state government had "pulled a swiftie" in the budget, accusing the Newman Government of claiming federal money as its own.

Mr Swan also attack the Newman Government's budget, saying it showed "cuts to the bone", saying the Queensland situation would be replicated federally if the Coalition won the election.

Earlier in the day, Mr Garrett, who was touting the passage of the government's Australian Education Bill through the House, hit out the state government for not signing up to the Gonski reforms.

He said the New South Wales Government had shown the way, but the Newman Government was determined to leave Queensland children behind.

Mr Garrett also said the Coalition had said no to improving school education, and the Queensland Government was doing the same.

However, he was unable to say why two Labor state governments - Tasmania and South Australia - had also not yet signed up to the reforms.