OLD-FASHIONED FUN: Luke Lanham and Debra Pitura in Eyes, Teeth and Curtain Up.
OLD-FASHIONED FUN: Luke Lanham and Debra Pitura in Eyes, Teeth and Curtain Up. Contributed

Another theatre milestone passed

WELL, The Independent Theatre passed another large milestone last weekend, without causing earth tremors in foreign climes, nor bell-ringing at midnight.

Its first production at Palmwoods Memorial Hall, Eyes, Teeth and Curtain Up, sailed along very smoothly, and the show gets another run this weekend.

All of which led me to ponder that the term "milestone" has defied decimalisation and you can occasionally still espy a true milestone along the byways.

One vintage Australian company took up the milestone idea to plug their business across Australia and had signs erected at regular intervals along railway lines, "X number of Miles to Griffiths Teas".

The company, about three decades long gone, had a huge warehouse which is about to be turned into apartments - the final milestone in its history.

The revue, Eyes, Teeth and Curtain Up, is also very much into history - that of theatre, but deals only in the funny, the oddball and musical bits.

The cast is very much a revue line-up - Luke Lanham, Ruth Montgomery, Rita Walker, Greg Pleming and Debbie Pitura, plus the ladies of the ensemble and, changing key in appropriate places at the baby grand, Marji Murray.

As with all Indee shows, it's table seating (you can take in your drinks from the bar) and the chairs are charmingly padded to avoid numbness in the polar regions.

There's still time to be part of this first season at Palmwoods. Performances are tonight and tomorrow night at 7.30 and Sunday at 2pm. Night-time tickets are $28, concessions $25, club members $20, Sunday $23, club members $18. To book online, go to http://www.theindeeatpalmwoods.com or call 5472 8200. Tickets are also available at the door.

The Indee's Comedy & Consomme will be next at Palmwoods in July: a rib-tickling comedy and a three-course winter dinner.